Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Luis: "Leader Of A Revolución"

Luis is a great role model four Latin youth, being that he is skilled with technology, has family values, and fact that he is clashing against "status quo" in a revolution against the social class biased stereotypes of Hispanic/Latin youth in our society. I really like this video because it hit pretty close to home. The other few videos were great, but this kid can not be denied his respect. I also am of Hispanic/Latin decent, and I to had parents who had simple technologies in the household. My parents also made me buy just about everything I have had since I was old enough to work. Here this kid is, barely 18 and has more responsibility then half of the people I've met while at UCO. Luis goes to school, pays for his own gadgets and gizmos, even takes his little brother to school in the morning. Luis is great at multitasking, balancing school, being involved with the 4H Tech Wizards as well as the street tree census project in Oregon.I could keep going on forever, so just watch the video and see for yourself!

After watching, I think my biggest takeaway is that disadvantaged youth, as well as their families have a better chance at a higher quality of life if they can take advantage of technology and education.

This video relates to me in that my father is a Cuban immigrant who needed my help with technology(and allot of other things) during my childhood as well as here in the present with various tasks that include paying bills online, translating using only the finest Spanglish, etc. Luis and I both had to buy are own computers, which is a feat as a youngster in itself. In general lower socio-economic status families can really benefit from the use of technology,one example being checking on bill reciepts online, and another being the use of the Internet for talking and keeping in touch, instead of using a phone for long distance calls to Cuba- OUCH!

Thanks Luis's story, as well as many others, I now know that as a teacher I want to make sure I give my children every opportunity to use technology at school as I can, and I also want to possibly figure out some type of homework that maybe the children can try to get their parents to help them with in order to possibly help build their parent's tech skills.

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