Monday, January 25, 2010

Kiwi Classroom ; What Exactly Is An Overhead Projector?

Wow...where to begin. First of all I have to mention that this elementary classroom is by far the most technological classroom I have seen in grades K-12. What happened to the days of markers and overhead projectors? To sum it up, this techer and her classroom make my education in elementary just a few years ago seem like "cave" writing. Rachel Boyd is the presenter of this video, as well as the class teacher. The video basically sums up how technology can be used in all aspects of teaching, even using YouTube videos to engage students in P.E. These guys have an awesome online "learning hub" that is user friendly and guides students effortlessly. I also loved the term WALT used throughout(we are learners to).There is just too much too list, inluding this great website that teaches math and engages students in competition(building affective skills) called Tutpup.

My most significant take away from this video is probally the knowledge of the fact that there are so many technological resources out there for teachers. I had no clue of websites like Tutpup.

This video relates to me in that Britton Elementary, the school I went to during elementary/have done some field experiences while attending UCO, Was and STILL is lagging behind in technological tools for learning. For instance, they still only have maybe one projector in the classroom, and thats basically their technology. I can imagine how much better these kids could perform if they had access to tools such as hands on learning hubs, etc.(according to Oklahoma State records, the are doing semi poor in achievement testing0

The thing I would most likely implement in my own classroom would probally giving my students access to an online class specific learning hub, where I would provide somple links for students to use for studying, blogging, question asking, turning in assignments, and so on.


  1. I saw your comment about markers and overhead projectors and laughed. I feel the exact same way! Technology, now, is a bit overwhelming but a much easier tool to use to teach children. I, also, went to Britton elementary and was shocked at how little they have. I, also, plan on using various forms of technology to teach my classes.

  2. I agree i remember overhead projectors now we have computers in every room and smart boards going in almost every classroom. Exciting for me as a new teacher but not fair for me as a child.