Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wizard of Apps: Not Your Typical "How To" Video

In this video called "The Wizard of Apps", Joyce Valenza takes a new approach to giving students an general understanding on issues such as leaving behind good digital footprints, being a good digital citizen, and so on. My most significant take away personally would probally be the different people searches that i was unaware of, such as pipl. I had no clue people can get info about each other so easily.

One idea in the video that connected with me personally is the part where the "Scare crow" and "Dorothy met up. The Scarecrow was having issues finding good legitamit resourceson the this point I chuckled because I cant tell you how many times i have been in that same boat.

In this video, the implications concerning copyrights and creative commons are probally issues that I will stress as an educator. I think it is important for kids to know how to correctly find pictures, etc for their papers and so on using wonderful sights like flickr.

One great tool i think was of great value shown during the video was called easybib. This site is a grat tool to educate your students on in preperation for essays, research papers, and so on. It makes setting up a biliography a breeze!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Digital Citizenship:Being Responsible For Your "Online Actions"

I think the most important aspect of this video is the simple fact that is shows people "digital dangers" of their digital citizenship. There are so many people out there in the world that are not responsible as far as what they put online, as well as how they put it. I think the various students did a good job showing the various dangers and consequences of what students do and or show online, as well as the dangers of DWT.

In my own experience, I had a family member who recently had their identity stolen by a "phisher" she realized that she should have been more responsible with her credit card info online. I think she might have been more careful if she had watched a video like this in which dangers are expressed.

In my own classroom I will implement the dangers of digital citizenship, especially when my students are going to have to use the Internet for research, etc. In the past i was assigned different things to do online with absolutely no forewarning, and I don't believe that was right.

Project Learning; 8th Grade Scientists?

The most important takeaway I have gained from watching this video is the fact that Project learning may open doors for students who do not do well in the typical classroom setting. "Four walls and a chalkboard" learning may not be the best for everyone, gifted student and hyperactive students for instance, can benefit from hands on learning ouside the typical classroom setting.
I for instance, am a very hands on person. In my own personal life, their have been many situations in which I would have done better in school if I was taught in an hands on manner, rather then a full time book and lecture approach. I constantly got in trouble in grade school for instance, for being "too" active, even though I was a straight A student. I would have had fewer disciplinary problems if my teacher were more open to "project learning".

In my own classroom, I think i will try the best that I can with my available resources(unfortunatly okc public schools dont have much) to incorporate some various types of project learning in my classroom, in addition to still teaching in a mainly four wall environment. This may include things as simple as going out to the playground to explore insects and their habitats for science.

Adrian's Voicethread

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Class Comments Week 4

Hello, my comments on students blogs for week for can be found here and here. Thanks!

5 Picture Story: Mr. Cluckster's Life

Mr. Clucksters Life

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