Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wizard of Apps: Not Your Typical "How To" Video

In this video called "The Wizard of Apps", Joyce Valenza takes a new approach to giving students an general understanding on issues such as leaving behind good digital footprints, being a good digital citizen, and so on. My most significant take away personally would probally be the different people searches that i was unaware of, such as pipl. I had no clue people can get info about each other so easily.

One idea in the video that connected with me personally is the part where the "Scare crow" and "Dorothy met up. The Scarecrow was having issues finding good legitamit resourceson the this point I chuckled because I cant tell you how many times i have been in that same boat.

In this video, the implications concerning copyrights and creative commons are probally issues that I will stress as an educator. I think it is important for kids to know how to correctly find pictures, etc for their papers and so on using wonderful sights like flickr.

One great tool i think was of great value shown during the video was called easybib. This site is a grat tool to educate your students on in preperation for essays, research papers, and so on. It makes setting up a biliography a breeze!

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  1. Adrian,
    I have worked with EasyBib too, though I knew it as NoodleBib in high school, but then again that was 5 years ago! I agree with you that that is a great site to use for research. I plan to show it to my students too.
    The only constructive criticism I would leave you with is to proofread your blog before you post it, just to clean it up a little and make it look more professional.
    Good post. Good takeaways from the video.