Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Learning; 8th Grade Scientists?

The most important takeaway I have gained from watching this video is the fact that Project learning may open doors for students who do not do well in the typical classroom setting. "Four walls and a chalkboard" learning may not be the best for everyone, gifted student and hyperactive students for instance, can benefit from hands on learning ouside the typical classroom setting.
I for instance, am a very hands on person. In my own personal life, their have been many situations in which I would have done better in school if I was taught in an hands on manner, rather then a full time book and lecture approach. I constantly got in trouble in grade school for instance, for being "too" active, even though I was a straight A student. I would have had fewer disciplinary problems if my teacher were more open to "project learning".

In my own classroom, I think i will try the best that I can with my available resources(unfortunatly okc public schools dont have much) to incorporate some various types of project learning in my classroom, in addition to still teaching in a mainly four wall environment. This may include things as simple as going out to the playground to explore insects and their habitats for science.

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