Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cameron; Boy Genius Or Simply A Technologically Inspired Child?

In this videoCameron is an 11 year old boy child who has technology skills that would put most of us to shame. Being as young as he is, he has miraculous skills which include but are not limited to making movies and videos using tools such as an imovie application and a home made "green screen effects" that he has made himself, editing various programs, teaching technology skills to students as well as his own teachers, and the list goes on, not to mention that he is a gamer that could possibly make some of us "grown men" quiver at the idea of challenging "a kid" to some friendly online gaming competition.He has even built the set for the school in which he does morning announcements with different "backgrounds" in a news anchor type setting. This kid is a perfect example of how technology can inspire today's youth. Yes, Cameron is way ahead intellectually compared to his young peers, and I nor any one else can take that away from him, but as a future teacher who has had "field experiences" at socioeconomically challenged schools that have few computers and very little funds to move up technologically, and in turn do somewhat poorly when testing time comes around, I have to wonder if these schools and kids where to be inspired technologically at schoolas well as at home, how much could they benefit all around in the classroom? Cameron is a perfect example of how technology in the classroom( as well as at his home from his parents at a very young age )can shape the mind of an inspiring young individual.

I have realized that as a future teacher, I think the biggest thing that I have learned from this video is the fact that there are no boundaries to a students learning potential, as Cameron shown. I now know that keeping technology up to date in the classroom is important, and as teachers we should try to incorporate it and cut as few corners as possible.

Relating to what i mentined earlier, I can relate to the content in this video in that ive seen what schools and families with little or no technological resources have to deal with. In addition i can relate myself, being that I never even touched a computer until late middle school due to poor school funding and a low family socioeconomic status. I think if I as well as current students have a head start with technology, we will have a higher chance of having success in school as well as in life.

In the future when I become a teacher,I have realized through this video as well as practical life experiences that I need to make an effort to use tachnology to educate, communicate, as well as to allow my future students to explore whats out there, based on their own "filters" and prefrences. There is a whole new world out there when it comes to technology, and the educational possibilities that are possible through it are endless.


  1. I understand exactly what you mean when you said that you hadn't even touched a computer until middle school. I came from a school where things such as computers were nonexistant in the classroom and if there was a lab for students they were for educational programs and not student exploration! I think it's important that we as teachers open a gateway for our students technologically and sometimes even let them lead the way. Very good blog! :)