Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sam: Gamer, Friend, & 13 Year Old Technology Guru

Sam is one extraordinary 13 year old girl. For one she basically learned everything she knows about technology by herself, and she even uses it to solve many of her everyday problems. Sam spends a huge portion of the day using the computer, playing interactive games like World of Warcraft, making videos, and so on. "Sam's Digital Portrait" is a good video for teens to watch, in that is reflects on all the technological possibilities that are out there for a young teen.

In my own experiences, being that i am not very technologically gifted, I value having people like Sam who are helpful and know what they are doing. In one instance, i had a fifteen year old teach me how to use PowerPoint for an assignment, and I don't know how I could have done it without them.

The most valuable thing that i will probably take away from this video is the notion of never underestimating what kids (students) are capable of doing with technology.

In my own class, i will try to give my students every opportunity I possibly can to make use of technology. I don't care if its as simple as teaching them how to use Flickr to find copyright friendly images on the web, as long as they are gaining knowledge. In general, students and teachers need to somewhat keep up with today's technology because with that knowledge one can find new and endless opportunities.

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