Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adrian's Survey

i really enjoyed creating this survey,I got a chance to learn a lot about my classmates. Google made the process of making the form very easy. The results were as follows:

What Is your favorite place to eat, and what do you order? Do you think you get enough sleep? What is most important to you when looking for a potential mate?
At the moment it's Ted's, I've been on a Mexican food kick. No Personality
No place in general, but I love anything involving pizza. Yes Personality
My favorite place is Matito's and I get the sour cream chicken enchiladas No Personality
Anywhere that has Thai food. Tom Yam Kai Soup. No Personality
Louie's; Macho Chicken Nachos No Personality
Red Lobster/ Any 2 Shrimp Your Way Yes Personality


  1. I agree that the survey was a great way to learn about our classmates. The process was very simple as well. This is a very useful tool and can very easily be brought into a classroom. As a future teacher I know I could learn a lot about my student from using this tool. Your question were very interesting. I look forward to reading more answers.

  2. I must agree Louie's is awsome... But I love their fried green beans... Loved you blog!